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  Corporate Profile
  Mission Vision and Objectives

CMFL was incorporated on 14th October, 1983 under the companies Act. The Copra Milling operation of Copra Millers of Fiji Limited is situated on the island of Vanua Levu about 5 kilometers to the North of Savusavu town at Balaga bay, Savusavu.

CMFL is one of the two larger local manufacturers of Crude Coconut Oil from Copra. 94% of the sales is exported overseas and 6% sold locally. The by -product of Copra is Coconut meal which is sold locally. CMFL has also launched its bottling operations selling 500ml & 750ml bottled coconut oil in the local supermarkets.

The Future plan of CMFL is to diversify into high value products like Virgin Coconut Oil and Refined, Bleached Oil (RBD Oil). The total crushing capacity of the Mill is 24,000 tonnes of copra per annum.